Spring into your best memory with Turmeric Tea

Is there anything that warms your heart like a cup of tea?  I thought not!  The memory and health benefits of Turmeric are too numerous to list in this paragraph, so we’ll summarize.  Turmeric, and it’s main compound curcumin, may reverse memory problems, improve mood, and the benefits have been observed not only in cognitive abilities, but also in brain … Read More

Can We Learn to Forget?

“How can I erase a bad memory from my mind?” As an educator in the field of memory, I get asked some pretty extraordinary questions about ways to improve, enhance and retain memories. Generally speaking, most of us want to know how to hang on to memories, bring up names and important events more quickly, and keep a healthy memory as … Read More

Turmeric: 3 Tasty Ways to Use This Memory-Boosting Powerhouse

Rates of Alzheimer’s Disease in India are less than one quarter the rate in the United States.  Scientists speculate the brightly colored Turmeric, and it’s main active ingredient Curcumin, may deserve the credit. The health benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin are widespread: It is a natural anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown it may be useful in clearing amyloid plaques, a key feature … Read More

An Easy Meditation Practice to Improve Memory

  One of the most important things you can do for your memory is… well… nothing! While meditation is generally perceived to be inaction of the body, it is one of the most effective practices for strengthening the mind. Here are few ways meditation can improve your brain and memory: Strengthens the circuitry of the brain, known as Neuroplasticity. Activates … Read More

How Does Your Favorite Sport Add Up To Your Best Memory?

The path to optimal memory is paved with the stuff we pour our heart and soul into…all those things we do simply for the sake of doing them. It’s not about supplements and online brain games (while they certainly may help), it’s how we style our lives — our lifestyle —that  is the key ingredient to our most functional brain and healthiest memory. … Read More

Rosemary is for Remembrance

Shakespeare was way ahead of his time when he wrote these words in Hamlet.  Since then, research has proven that memory enhancement is high among the many healing qualities of the attractive and abundant herb.  With its scent alone, studies have shown that rosemary can enhance memory and improve performance on memory related skills. Our olfactory system which allows us … Read More

Chia Power Pudding

You might actually get smarter just looking at this breakfast. Seriously. Some of the BEST foods for your memory have gotten together and created a beautiful and deliciously intelligent option for the most important meal of the day!  Whip up this easy breakfast the night before and take a moment to mindfully enjoy the flavors, the flavonoids, and the omega-3 fatty … Read More

5 Surprising ways your style can spruce up your memory

Crossword puzzles, foreign languages, brain games and…fashion?  When we think of ways to improve memory, style and appearances are not likely topics that cross our pliable minds. Improving memory through learning new concepts, beefing up our social lives and perhaps with exercise and a healthy diet are commonly known lifestyle strategies for a stronger memory. Style or fashion, on the … Read More

How to Remember Names, Strategy #1

What’s in a Name?   Why are names so HARD to remember?!  It seems to be a universal truth…names go in one ear and out the other leaving us open to awkward social re-introductions and regressions to the tried and true (yet unarguably lame), “hey you!” or “hello gorgeous!” when we simply can’t conjure the name to match a familiar … Read More

The Sound of Memory

Challenge: Change your ringtone and text-tone today! Most of us use our cell phones for talking and texting pretty consistently through the day.  The sound of our ring and text notification sounds become familiar over the course of time, and we hardly notice the unique sound for what it is!  Novelty and change are proven methods to challenge our minds and … Read More