What’s in a name?

Our company name references the area of the brain responsible for memory, the hippocampus, and a popular memory retention technique, chunking.

Chunky Seahorse Memory Building


(see Chunky) v. Grouping information into an easily remembered pattern/rhythm.


(see Seahorse) n. region of the brain responsible for short- and long-term memory; retaining all past knowledge and experiences.

Our Philosophy

Lisa Randall

Creating fun and effective ways to use the most recent and useful research on memory and brain health is the foundation of Chunky Seahorse. Our philosophy is that everyone at any age can take steps towards a better memory, and our goal is to help clients live both joyfully and memorably.

Lisa Randall started the company to put this goal into action. Her background in Integrative Medicine has shown her first hand the dramatic improvement to life quality that happens when the body and the brain are effectively nurtured and engaged as a whole. With her education (B.S. Kinesiology, M.S Gerontology/Public Health) and experience, she brings inspiration that comes from seeing lives improve and the experience of creating effective programs and interventions to Chunky Seahorse. She believes that improving memory means living a healthy, fun and full life.

Lisa resides joyfully in the beachside town of Encinitas, CA., with her young son and daughter. Together they raise chickens, vegetables…and many lasting memories.